Making Money Taking Paid Surveys: The Truth!

My adventure with paid surveys started with MySurvey (which is a great survey site by the way as its been said in this detailed MySyrvey review) few years ago as I explored my options to make money online.

I have since moved on to more lucrative money making options on the web and nowadays I restrict myself to the odd survey that promises good money.

I think anyone who has taken similar route to supplement his or her income with survey panels would find them to be a huge disappointment in the end.

In fact, my initial experience was so stressful that I considered giving it all up as I kept coming across sites that are apparently scams, designed to milk money from me rather than pay me for honest survey work.

It is a sad situation when unscrupulous scammers take advantage of the gullible and vulnerable group – people desperate enough to want to believe they can turn to paid survey sites for quick buck.

Their message is an unsupported claim that one can make a few hundreds of dollars from a handful of survey work.

No doubt it is a simple tagline, but they know it is powerful enough to catch a few people out; especially payment is to be from supposedly established and reputable research companies.

My latest research work to rediscover survey panels took me days combing through the entire web. But there is only one conclusion; there is money to be made by tackling surveys, but the money won’t be significant enough to make you rich.

I mean it is a great supplementary tool to add to your main income, as it did to mine, but it will never make a rich man out of you.

So, if you are content on how it can be used to pay bills, here are some ways to maximize this earning:

Check Reviews

I suggest you first check out related online forums and paid survey review sites. These forums and sites contain a comprehensive list of all the best FREE survey sites, as well as scam sites you should avoid.

Register with a Dozen or so Panels

You can find lots of legit sites that compensate members for surveys completed. Compensation could be in the form of money or non-monetary incentives. Still, it makes little sense to dedicate to just a single or even two companies in the list.

My advice is to get registered with as many survey panels as possible. This will result in more invitations to do survey and consequently better chance to build up your cash holding in your account.

I have to admit these surveys pay very little, but the good thing is that there are plenty around. So, if you can manage to quickly take a few surveys everyday, then the money could accumulate.

Personally, the lowest I have been paid was just a measly $.10 for a single survey participation, but on the other end of the scale, I have also been rewarded $25 for tackling another survey.

So, there is a wide range here, though the more lucrative ones come pretty rarely.

Treat Survey Taking as a Real Part-Time Job

My point is that if you are serious in wanting to maximize your earning potential, treat this as a serious part time job. Every time there is a chance to get in front of your PC, make an effort to check out the sorts of surveys available and get straight to work if you come across some suitable ones. Over time, you can gather a nice income.

As mentioned, it will not help you to become filthy rich, but the extra cash could be handy addition to your household budget.

Bottom Line
If a site claims to pay you obscene money for completing surveys but insists on you paying them first, just walk away as highly likely it is a SCAM.

Legit companies operate on the straight and narrow, a decent (usually small) reward for every survey completed.

They are not interested to con you of your hard earned money, but will pay you for your appropriate responses to the surveys presented.

Siteground Web Hosting Review

I used the hosting services of SiteGround for one of my WordPress sites to check how it fares against other hosting services. Sites that load really quickly make me happy, that’s why I am always on the look out for web host that can provide great speed.

This Siteground review is based on my two years experinc with them, and overall, the experience was just a happy one. But, as you read this review, you’ll discover that there is a disadvantage in using this webhosting service as well.


SiteGround’s Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

They offer plans which mostly centers on shared, VPS, dedicated Web hosting, and reseller hosting.

The bundles being offered by the firm are from the different servers that are solely running on Linux. Siteground also offers services which include e-commerce solution, perfect for clients who are in need of help in putting up their online shops.

Free software for designing a website as well as free domain and unrestricted e-mail accounts are included in all the plans.

Startup: $9.95/mo – Special Offer: $3.95 (60% off). The simplest shared hosting plan being offered. It includes a 10GB web space. Users can also host one domain

GrowBig: $14.95/mo – Special Offer: $7.95 (50% off). It comes with 20 GB Web space. Plus clients can host unlimited sites.

GoGeek: $29.95/mo – Special Offer: $14.95 (50% off) 30GB Web Space is included in the plan, plus clients can host unlimited sites.

Aside from shared hosting, clients can also choose from the 3 VPS hosting plans and 4 managed dedicated server plans being offered by the firm.

SiteGround boasts that they only use the incredibly fast and dependable servers to meet a 99.9% uptime. The firm, however, does not give a guarantee for its claims.

Clients can avail of 24×7 email technical support which is being handled by the firm’s European office.


Other Thoughts on SiteGround

As usual, I asked around to know what are the experiences of other users of SiteGround. This is why I allotted some time in going through the reviews on key review sites like Cnet and WholsHostingThis, for both positive and negative reviews.

And from what I’ve read, the clients seem to be generally happy with the firm. But, as usual, there were negative feedback too. But, then again, no one can really please everyone.

I’ve listed down the downside and the upside of SiteGround, based on my own experience plus the observations of others.


The firm’s complete safeguards to fight off hackers is the thing that won me over. The precautions are just great. For example, you would still be directed to the log-in page of Siteground through the firm’s securely encrypted connection, despite typing the cPanel URL straight from your blog. They do this to ensure that whatever sensitive information you keep are kept safe, and cannot be hacked by those who intends to hack the information that’s being transmitted.

Second, I find it advantageous that SiteGround disallows direct activation of plugins and themes. Plus, to make sure that the plugins and themes you have installed are both secure and clean, the firm has added another set of security precaution . Additionally, there are also controls embedded such that a user logging on from WordPress blog is denied of more attempts to login when the user has been entering incorrect passwords and usernames again and again. This feature lessens the probability that your blog would be put to risk by the hackers.

Plus, they have the advanced caching technology which automatically can be turned on upon the installation of WordPress, thus significantly enhancing the performance your blogs. They also offer SuperCacher, a more powerful caching capability for advance plan. But this one, I wasn’t able to use and test.

Uptime for the server is absolutely great. I have used SG for two years, and not once did I experience a short downtime, despite the fact that I was really observing the performance closely. While it can be argued, that two years is a short period for a thorough evaluation, but I say that the consistent performance is definitely a testament on the reliability of their hosting service.

For shared plans, SG doesn’t let a lot of users on the same servers. This is a good way of hosting since it basically means that the firm is committed to providing quality service. SG boasts that they have the least number of users on their shared service compared to its competitors. While the company may not prove this claim publicly, but maybe I should believe them since loading of WordPress using SG is really faster than the other common shared hosts.

SG really has several attractive characteristics that make it stand out compared to other Webhost such as HostGator. Other features that are really helpful are available too, but they are the ones that can be commonly found in other webhosts as well.

I can only think of one disadvantage for SiteGround- that ‘s the storage space limit they have. You get a small 10Gb storage with the most basic plan. This storage amount may be sufficient for blogging, but some may want to have more storage space.


Good Host?

Affordable prices plus capable hosting services, that’s what SiteGround can offer. The tech support is great too. However, the hosting service is only suitable for those who are running a few websites ( less than five) in one account.

Small businesses may find SG very helpful and effective since they can be assured of reliable service and they will get what they paid for .

To conclude my review, I say that those looking for a reliable host who only has a small number of websites to run would benefit from getting SiteGround’s services.

True Capitalism: Profit off Your Own Products

As a capitalist I am all for learning new ways to make money. One of the best ways I know how to do it is selling things, especially your own products and services.

And I learn most of what I know by reading personal finance related blogs like:

And I highly recommend you read some of these blogs.

Ok, back to the main topic.

To start things off, I want to share a quick guide on how I go about doing it. I hope you find it helpful.

Sell self-made digital products
A very profitable way of making money online is by way of creating your own digital products for subsequent selling.

Some of the digital products you may like to consider are: developing small but special software, e-books, blog themes, designing templates and plug ins etc.

Should you be well-informed of a topic, you can exploit your knowledge to make money. Writing and selling of e-books is getting quite popular these days.

With the Internet around, you need not be very knowledgeable about any subject that interests you, as you can conduct your own research and collect the relevant information and transform the same into an e-book for sales.

Make and sell physical products
People with some sense of creativity can sell their products through the Internet rather than selling those in the real market, which is generally an expensive proposition.

Make your own website or a blog to display your works of art therein. Many artists got discovered that way.

Sell your services
Of late, people have been making money by selling their services online. It’s not really necessary for you to be a specialist in any field, say web designing or writing on specific topics for making money.

You could do some of the very basic and simple things like getting associated with a couple of webmasters or bloggers who don’t find time to post their articles to different directories.

You can do that part of their job and get paid. Another simple way to make some money is by posting your comments on newly formed forums. Such forums pay users because that way their forums remain active and thus get the attention of others who may join the forum and take part in the discussions.

Get resale rights for products to sell as your own
There is little doubt that one of the very convenient options of making money online is by having rights for private labels for different products. You may buy products with right to resell those online as if you owned those.

You will find many people willing to sell their products that way. Here, the benefit is that you really don’t have to do anything, as you get a well developed product for selling as your own. You can buy the rights by paying nominal fees.

The key to success of this business is to look for products that would sell well. That entails some research on your part. Be prepared to try a couple of things till you hit the right products.

Some of the options available to you for promoting your products are: social networking sites, blogs, sites accepting classified ads and list building etc.

You would already be aware of some of the most popular sites including eBay, Craigslist and

So many people have been utilizing the said methods and making money online since long. Perhaps, it’s your time now! Making use of these ways you could generate money through the Internet by selling your own products.